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    Christopher Rence
    Chief Data, Risk and Compliance Officer, Equus Holdings, Inc.

    Chief Data & Compliance Officer, CIO | Expert in Global Security Data & Cloud Protection | Leader of Innovation. Fueling Growth in People and Business. | GDPR, DPO, CIPPE, CRISC, CISO, MBCP | AI Machine Learning, Spatial Computing - AR, VR, Software, Technology-enabled companies. Known for: DRIVING MEANINGFUL INNOVATION & BUSINESS GROWTH through VISIONARY & STRATEGIC THOUGHT LEADERSHIP ♦ I don’t believe in innovating for innovation’s sake. I continuously push the limits of what is possible and elevate results by asking, “How do we move the engineering to a new level?” and “What do we need that hasn’t yet been done?” I bring operational practicality to innovation and day-to-day business challenges, and raise the bar every time. ♦ Integrates a continuous improvement mindset with a strategic approach to meaningful change in business and product development to accelerate sustainable and profitable growth. ♦ Driving the future as the world develops the balance of data, security, compliance across AI and ML UNIFYING & INSPIRING PEOPLE, IDEAS & TEAMS as a HIGH-INTEGRITY & COLLABORATIVE LEADER ♦ I am a leader who genuinely cares about the success and wellbeing of others and am generous with my time and resources to help people thrive and grow. ♦ My leadership style is to lead people through discomfort zones, knowing they will achieve extraordinary results. I believe that people reach goals they didn’t think possible when they are challenged and supported to think differently, and move beyond the status quo. ♦ I listen carefully and relentlessly communicate the vision, strategy and goals, then set teams up to succeed. TENACIOUS PROBLEM SOLVING that ELEVATES PERFORMANCE in PEOPLE, TECHNOLOGY & PROCESS ♦ I am a Fixer. My passion is to identify the root cause of an issue and find better, faster, more sustainable ways to prevent the problem in the future or create a new opportunity. This is driven by my innate curiosity and desire to elevate results. ♦ I quickly connect the dots and simplify complex information that leads to a more efficient or effective solution.